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Where tradition meets progress

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About us

More than 60 years of experience

We believe in thermoplastic composites to drive smart and sustainable new solutions across end markets. Our customer´s success is our driving force.

W8SVR builds on more than 60 years of multi-disciplinary industry experience in the textiles, composites and plastics markets. W8SVR furthermore leverages a broad partner network in the areas of composites manufacturing and engineering. This strong foundation is the basis of our continuous innovation and growth.

The W8SVR team serves its customers with recognized expertise, a hands-on approach and a can-do mentality on their journey towards high-performance engineered parts and successful innovations.

  • Smart and sustainable solutions with thermoplastic composites
  • The customer´s success is our driving force
  • More than 60 years of combined industry experience
  • A broad industry and partner network
  • Engineering support
  • Team spirit and collaborative mindset
  • Agile and flexible

The W8SVR team

Steffen Perner

Head of Sales

+49 2542 / 701 - 332
+49 174 / 639 07 53


Johannes Philipp Terhechte

Head of Technology & Production

+49 2542 / 701 - 331
+49 173 / 751 62 88


Dr. Hans E. Miltner

Managing Director

+32 475 78 45 49