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Project examples

In addition to more than 60 years of experience in the composites industry, W8SVR can look back on numerous successful projects. Experience for yourself:

Laptop cover

Lightweight construction with a fresh look

The eye is drawn to an unconventional chequerboard pattern, a refreshing look that breaks with the  traditional "carbon weave look". At the core, however, is the essence: Thanks to its perfectly orthotropic structure, this solution made of thermoplastic spread-tow fabric laminate from W8SVR behaves highly predictably even under complex loads, unlike simple cross-plied laminates. W8SVR makes extremely thin components possible.

Side impact protection

The full power of fibre in complex geometries

Even large series can now benefit from the full power of continuous fibre. With the thermoplastic spread tow fabric, you avoid fibre distortion and reduce fiber undulation. As a result, you get the best of both worlds: impact performance due to the form-fit of the fabric structure and best strength and stiffness due to the highly stretched fibres.

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