Source: Mitsui Chemicals Europe, HUESKER

7th AZL Annual Partner Meeting

During the 7th AZL Annual Partner Meeting from 24–25 June, Philipp Zur-Lienen explained the features of CF/GF-PP Neolaminates and compared them with GF-PP organosheets. W8SVR Neolaminates show excellent draping and processing behaviour while meeting customization needs with the help of hybrid Neolaminates. W8SVR hybrids are combinations of UD-tapes using different fibres (e.g. carbon and glass fibres) in various lay-ups or even a metal- fiber reinforced thermoplastic hybrid using a special adhesion technology. W8SVR Neolaminates offer the possibility to configurate multiple features, e.g. specific stiffness and strength, pierce resistance and additionally offering electrical insulation, EMC shielding, thermal insulation and flame test performance at the same time, plus having NVH and corrosion benefits.

Additionally you can find a publication about current projects with W8SVR in the AZL NewsLIGHT #16. Therefore use this link: