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W8SVR - Exclusive digital insights at ITHEC 2020

From October 13 to 15 the gates of the international trade fair ITHEC will open, for the first time as a virtual conference on the Internet. The HUESKER Group will also be present with its product innovation, the neolaminate W8SVR. All visitors will have various opportunities to get in touch with our product experts.

Take advantage of this convenient opportunity and learn about the many possible applications for our W8SVR neolaminates and the improvements over organosheets. We are happy to take the time for all conference participants, who would like to know how evolutionary neolaminates are.

Almost two years have passed since we first introduced W8SVR to the world. Since then a lot has happened in our TechCenter and in the testing of the practical strengths of W8SVR neolaminates. The results are surprising and very encouraging, because our Neolaminates show measurable benefits compared to alternative fibre reinforced workpieces. 

Visit us at the ITHEC conference at and learn more about W8SVR!

If you do not want to wait that long, visit our website and contact us personally.