W8SVR in the automotive industry

Stalcom Automotive Technologies Ltd. has tested the performance of W8SVR Neolaminates with Ariel Motor Company to improve the pierce resistance of battery base plates as part of the Amplifii research project. Stalcom is a specialist in the automotive sector with particular expertise in delivering affordable and lightweight vehicle structures and assemblies. The company tested the pierce resistance of W8SVR in comparison to steel and aluminum. The results were amazingly good and show the strength of W8SVR Neolaminates.

Stalcom applied the W8SVR Neolaminate to aluminum using PowderBondTM joining to develop a new concept for lightweight battery base plates. Managing Director Bob Mustard knows exactly why he chose W8SVR for this application: "W8SVR allows us to increase the glass content and with the PP matrix it creates stronger, tougher and stiffer parts. We have also received very good initial flame test results where W8SVR was self-extinguishing and created significantly less smoke and molten plastic than other thermoplastic composites. The high glass content provided a very good heat transfer and flame propagation barrier." Furthermore, the excellent bonding strength between aluminium and W8SVR due to the new bonding technique gives the battery base plate outstanding mechanical performance.

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