W8SVR Fabric

The basis for

thermoplastic laminates

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W8SVR Fabric

Full flexibility for your lightweight laminate

W8SVR Fabric is the basis for your own thermoplastic laminate or sandwich panel. Continuous processes benefit from the on-roll format - in widths up to 2.8 m. The fibres in this UD-Tape fabric are fully protected in a thermoplastic matrix right from the start. Even a simple vacuum is enough to create pore-free, environmentally friendly, recyclable lightweight solutions. The complete impregnation of the fibres enables optimal absorption of the forces acting on them. Unlike thermoset prepregs, W8SVR Fabric comes with infinite shelf life , allows for hazard-free processing and does not require sub-ambient storage. Pre-stretched and the absence of overly high ondulation guarantee maximum mechanical performance.

Benefits W8SVR Fabric

  • Fibre-reinforced UD tape fabrics for components in completely new dimensions thanks to rolled goods up to 2.8 m wide
  • Various weave types available
  • Fabric composite achieves excellent impact behaviour due to crack arrestors
  • Individual layer configurations for maximum flexibility in laminate construction
  • Precise edge fixation for optimal handling
  • Perfect for continuous processes
  • Long shelf life without need for sub-ambient storage

W8SVR Material options

With W8SVR, the right material is always at the right place. The variety of material combinations opens up the possibility of responding to your specific requirements. From polyethylene or polypropylene, over engineering thermoplastics such as polyamides, to high-performance thermoplastics: we work with you to find the right solution. We also offer flexibility when it comes to the fibres used.

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