W8SVR Woven

Consolidated composites

from thermoplastic UD-Tape

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W8SVR Woven

The thermoplastic composite in completely new dimensions

W8SVR Woven are consolidated composite materials made of thermoplastic UD-Tape fabric. The straight and twist-free fibre orientation along with full fibre impregnation ensure maximum load transmission in function-integrated components. The particularly low crimp takes W8SVR Woven to a whole new level compared to organo sheets. Flexible weave types offer very good drape properties and reduce wrinkling and fibre distortion even in complex geometries. W8SVR Woven products have appealing aesthetics and are available in widths up to 2.80 m and in any laminate thickness.

     Upper part: conventional fabric organosheet
     Lower part: thermoplastic spread-tow fabric

Benefits W8SVR Woven

  • Perfectly aligned orthotropic composite with no fibre distortion and no loss in performance due to overly high crimp
  • Excellent drapeability ensures high quality forming results
  • Improved joining properties due to excellent fibre impregnation and matrix distribution
  • Optimised impact behaviour due to tear stoppers in the fabric
  • Functional expansion with the aid of hybrid layer structures (e.g. sandwich structures of glass and carbon fibres)
  • Extremely high heating rates for efficient serial production

Material combinations

W8SVR gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of thermoplastic composite materials. We are at your side to find the most sensible solution to suit your requirements. Whether renewable raw materials such as flax fibres or high-performance thermoplastics: with W8SVR, the right material is always at the right place.

Give us a call. We will be happy to help you select the right materials.


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