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Thermoplastic tape fabrics - tailor-made for you

W8SVR X-Ply are low-waste, load-path oriented tape lay-ups that are particularly suitable for thermoforming and injection moulding or as structural reinforcement in multi-material constructions. We adapt the continuous fibre-reinforced semi-finished products to the laminate lay-up, size and geometry you require using Automated Tape Laying Technology (ATL). You can choose from a wide range of thermoplastic UD tapes and get a tailored composite blank that meets your structural and mechanical requirements at the lowest possible weight. With W8SVR X-Ply, the right material is always at the right place.


  • Best mechanical properties due to 100% load-optimized laminate construction
  • Extremely light due to minimal use of material
  • Reduced CO2 footprint and minimal material loss due to net-shape architecture
  • Simple 0/90 crossply laminate also possible
  • Precise application of UD tapes & high-quality reinforcing fibres exactly where they are needed

Material combinations

At W8SVR, we work with you to determine the most appropriate solution. From natural fibres to high-performance carbon fibres, from polyethylene to polyamides to high-performance thermoplastics: you can choose from a wide range of possible combinations of fibres and recyclable matrices. Your application and your requirements are the deciding factors. With W8SVR, the right material is always at the right place.

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