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Your partner for the optimal use of thermoplastic composites

W8SVR helps you to create new solutions in the area of thermoplastic lightweight construction. W8SVR relies on thermoplastic materials that, owing to their diversity and combination possibilities, fulfil your most demanding tasks in a material-efficient and sustainable way. Our solutions also include approaches targeting function integration in metal components, hybrid structures or multi-material design. In this way, W8SVR enables high-performance composite components, even with high geometrical complexity, that are precisely tailored to the application and impress with their sustainability. Because the right material has to be at the right place.

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Think limitless Thermoplastic – Think W8SVR

Continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) from W8SVR can be used in a wide range of applications. They offer compelling benefits when used alone or in combination with metals or other composites, such as organosheets. W8SVR products represent the latest generation of CFRTP, which are suitable for the mass production of high-performance, sustainable and geometrically complex composite components due to their excellent thermoformability and resulting short cycle times.

Unbeatable Lightweight Performance
Higher Strength per Unit Weight
Excellent Impact Performance and Durability
More Flexibility in Customization possibilities
Faster Heating Rates and Cycle Times
Simpler Production of Complex Parts
100% Impregnated for Excellent Load Transfer
Easily Recyclable for increased sustainability

Our W8SVR Product family

Product solutions for a wide range of applications


Your tailored near net-shape cross ply UD material

W8SVR X-Ply are tailor-made cross plies which are particularly suitable for thermoforming or injection moulding. We customise the continuous fibre-reinforced semi-finished products near-net-shape to your desired laminate lay-up and size. A wide range of thermoplastic UD tapes is available for this purpose, which we place according to your specified load paths.


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W8SVR Woven

Your thermoplastic woven spread tow laminate

W8SVR Woven has excellent formability and a high level of dimensional stability. The fully consolidated, thermoplastic woven laminate is particularly suitable as a two-dimensional reinforcement in components with high strength, stiffness and impact requirements. The excellent drapeability and complete fibre impregnation make our W8SVR Woven a real "game changer" for formed parts.


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Your advantages from two worlds combined

W8SVR Pro impresses with the synergy of the balanced fabric laminate W8SVRWoven and an additional, customised tape reinforcement. Based on your specifications, we reinforce the load paths with millimetre precision and supply you with a semi-finished product ("Tailored Composite Blank"), which you can use directly for thermoforming, injection moulding or as flat reinforcement in component production.


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W8SVR Fabric

Your full control on laminate layup

W8SVR Fabric is a UD tape fabric in widths up to 2.80 m. The individual combination and alignment of woven single layers gives you full control over the laminate structure and properties. We manufacture W8SVR Fabric from any required thermoplastic UD tape.


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