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Bio-based solutions available from W8SVR!

In response to the growing market demand for sustainable products, and in order to meet the needs of increasingly eco-conscious customers and consumers, W8SVR is expanding its portfolio of tailored thermoplastic composite solutions with a range of bio-based materials.

On the fiber side, natural flax fibers provide for an appealing set of attributes when combined with a PP (polypropylene) matrix, including a natural visual appearance, a low density, and good mechanical and damping properties.

On the matrix side, the renewable-based aliphatic polyamides (e.g. PA410) are characterized by a low moisture uptake and a high dimensional stability and, in combination with glass or carbon fiber reinforcements, offer outstanding mechanical properties in the engineering plastics segment.

To these we are now adding flax-reinforced PLA (poly lactic acid) as the first fully bio-based W8SVR solution. PLA is a fully bio-degradable polymer obtained from renewable raw materials, which when reinforced with natural flax fibers provides for the ultimate combination in terms of carbon footprint reduction.

All W8SVR products are inherently recyclable and, as such, are already enabling to the development of a circular economy. With these new bio-based solutions, we now also allow our customers to make a conscious choice for materials with a low embedded carbon footprint, thus contributing to more sustainable parts and a greener future.

Think sustainability? Think W8SVR!