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Combining the best approaches from across the entire thermoplastics world!

W8SVR Pro is a custom-reinforced, two-dimensional semi-finished product that is particularly suitable for weight- and performance-driven applications. Based on your requirements, we reinforce existing load paths with millimetre precision and deliver a ready-to-use semi-finished product ("Tailored Composite Blank") for thermoformed or injection-moulded components. W8SVR Pro stands for full flexibility on a selectable substrate and is also available as a hybrid composite with different fibre reinforcements. For example, combine W8SVR Woven or other thermoplastic semi-finished products with an additional, customised tape reinforcement.

Benefits W8SVR Pro

  • Partial reinforcements for structural load paths with minimal material and weight increase
  • Tailored laminates ("Tailored Composite Blanks") for direct use in thermoforming and injection moulding processes or in flat components
  • Matrix systems with different fibre reinforcement can be combined for optimised and economical use of material
  • Fully recyclable through the use of thermoplastic UD tapes

W8SVR Material combinations

Your application and your specifications determine the choice of materials. We help you find the most sensible solution. Different solutions based on technical fibres - embedded in semi-crystalline thermoplastics such as polyamide or polyphenylene sulphide, but also amorphous thermoplastics such as polycarbonate - are available to you. With W8SVR, the right material is always at the right place.

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